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Join the Family!

We are looking for honest, hard-working, & energetic franchisees to join our growing family.  If you like People, Food, and Music, then Peno Grill is the business opportunity for you.  The relationships between our Franchisees, our Staff, and our customers are more important to us than anything else.

Be your own boss and take advantage of a unique ground floor opportunity.  Many prime territories we are targeting are still available, but they are filling up fast.  Scroll down to learn more and we look forward to hearing from you.

The Peño Experience

With Real Estate

Its all about Location, Location, Location! We will help guide you along the way”Then “The Peno Family” at Peno we put a huge focus on people.  Once you join our team you are joining our family and we will be there to support you.

“Peño is so much more than a restaurant to me. It’s a family that thrives from the love that’s poured into it. And I do love it! It’s all about building relationships by focusing on Jamal’s passions for people, food and music. I’m tremendously honored, privileged and blessed to be part of this amazing family!”

Roxie Ragsdale
Myrtle Beach Franchisee

Frantastic Franchise

Why Mediterranean Food

Healthy & Tasty

In a study from The American Journal of Medicine : “Over all, people lost between 9 and 22 pounds after a year on the Mediterranean diet”

Convincing evidence published in 2013 has shown that this kind of eating pattern is effective at warding off heart attack, stroke, and premature death.

Our Customers enjoy that we are Quick, Healthy, Fresh, and Tasty.

Why Choose Peño?

  • Peppergreen-ico

    Best tasting food of any fast casual concept

  • Peppergreen-ico

    Award-winning unique cuisine limits competition

  • Peppergreen-ico

    Low start-up costs

  • Peppergreen-ico

    Experienced executive team

  • Peppergreen-ico

    Ongoing franchise support

  • Peppergreen-ico

    Hands-on operations support

  • Peppergreen-ico

    Simple 3-4 person operation with detailed employee training manuals

  • Peppergreen-ico

    Simple menu with popular catering options

  • Peppergreen-ico

    Grand opening and ongoing marketing support

  • Peppergreen-ico

    Gluten free, vegan and other healthy options increase customer base

If you are interested in learning more about the Peño Grill Franchise Opportunity please fill out the "contact us" form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.

The Executive Team


Jamal Haddad

Founder & President

-Founded first Baba Ghannouj in 2001 which later became Peño Grill.

-Second Subway franchisee in NC in 84’

-First Blimpies franchisee in NC -Opened a Checkers franchise

-Sold those franchises to open his own concept “Papas Subs and Pizza”

-Grew to 14 locations

-Now focusing on Peño brand and franchise

Wells Struble

Wells Struble

Partner & COO/CFO

-Co-Founder of Fuzzy Peach Frozen Yogurt

-4 years of Fortune 100 experience

-8 years of startup and consulting experience (4 startups)

-Finance and Operations specialist

-His wife Kelly is smarter than he is

-Fisherman and Handyman


Rocco Quaranto

Partner & CMO

-Co-Founder of Fuzzy Peach Frozen Yogurt

-Held role of President at Surgilum, medical device company

-Held executive roles in 9 start up ventures

-Marketing & Operations specialist

-Husband, father and huge fan of the outdoors

-Sub 3 hour Marathon runner


Contact us with any additional questions.

How much does it cost to get started?

$138,050-$397,450 which includes our $27,950 franchise fee.

6% Royalty and 1% National Marketing Fund Contribution

What kind of training is provided?

Extensive training starting at Peno Grill University, during which we cover every aspect of operating your restaurant.  For PGU you will join us in beautiful Wilmington, NC and learn in both classroom and hands on settings. After PGU we will come out to your location and help you set up your store.  We will provide hands on training in your location and be on site for your Grand Opening.  We provide a vast amount of ongoing support and training guides including regularly scheduled calls with corporate to ensure you are never left unsupported.

How will people find out about my new location opening?

We have an entire marketing plan with many promotions and strategies for you to choose from depending on the market that you are in.  We put a large focus on your social media presence and have an entire plan in place to ensure a successful Grand Opening to set your business of on the right foot.

How long does the whole process take from start to finish to open a new store?

Each location will vary but we aim for 6-8 months after signing to get a location open.

Is there a protected territory?

Yes, we will designate a protected territory for every franchise.  Our goal is to give every location the space it needs to be successful.  

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